Do I still look like me ?

A challenge I faced after giving birth to my son was coming to terms with the ‘new’ shape of my body. I had put on 25 kilos, felt heavy and depressed. I loved fashion and didn’t want to relaunch an entire new style with my newfound status. Being a first time mum is an amazing discovery, however I felt that in order for me to be a happy mother, I had to maintain my happiness in all aspects of my life as I had before becoming a mum. This included my love for fashion.

The internet is loaded with articles on post pregnancy bodies and weight loss. It is hard to know what really works and what doesn’t. It had taken me 9 months to gain the weight and I was going to give myself just as much time to get back to a healthy weight. I took time to review what my diet and lifestyle looked like before and during my pregnancy. It is interesting what you discover about yourself by simply mapping aspects of you lifestyle on a white board. My first red flag was my diet ~I had a poor diet prior to the pregnancy largely due to a demanding job and skipping meals, and yet exercising 5 to 6 times a week. My perception of a healthy image was falsely based on how I looked on the outside, yet my insides were under pressure. My rapid weight gain during the pregnancy came from the fact that I had ‘starved’ myself for years, zero exercise and eating pretty much everything during the pregnancy.

So I embarked on changing my habits, my diet and my lifestyle. This included having 3 meals each day. My change in diet included cutting out processed sugar, including more vegetables and fish in my diet, cutting red meat down to once or twice a week, and including fruit, brown rice and spelt bread. My daily exercise was walking my son for a hour in his pram.

Within two weeks, I began to notice small changes with my appearance. I began to feel light. My legs were starting to creep back into my jeans. It wasn’t an easy process to start off with, I went through terrible mood swings because I didn’t feel good about myself or how I looked but I knew I had to stick to a routine in order to achieve a happier me. 9 months later, I am almost back to my pre pregnancy weight. I feel confident about my appearance and I’ve even taken to running. I don’t fit into the skinny jeans that I once cavorted, but I have gone for a pair which accommodates my new found curves.   This journey has allowed me to recognise that having a baby doesn’t necessarily mean loosing control over your life or the things that are important to you, which for me includes my love for fashion. It just requires a fine-tune in attitude and persistence with the goals you set for yourself.

[Wearing]  Comme de garcons striped camouflage t-shirt, vintage black high waisted leather skirt, House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses (Tortoise), Chanel classic sling backs

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